Chapter 1

Explaining the background, and conditions of the time with dramatization the book of Revelation comes to life. Listen in as we begin with Chapter One.

Chapter 2

Taking a journey through Revelation chapter two; we find ourselves in Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos and Thyatira. Listen in as this chapter comes to life as we hear the message Christ has for these churches.

Chapter 3

Continuing with the study of the book of Revelation; we conclude our study of the message to the churches with Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea

Chapter 4

From chapter four onward the church is no longer mentioned. So what
happened to the church? Stay tuned and find out...

Chapter 5

Who is worthy to open the scroll with the seven seals, no demon, no human, no one could be found. Does that mean that the voice of the righteous would be silence that they wouldn't be vindicated? Does that mean that the sinners would go unpunished? NO! Stay tuned to hear this wonderful chapter from the book of Revelation.

Chapters 6 - 7:  The Seven Seals

The Seven Seals kicks off the Tribulation; what is it and how does it affect us. What will happen? What is the correlation of the 7 seals and the world today. What are the signs? Want to know? Stay tuned as Buffy St. John walks you through the beginning 3 1/2 years of the tribulation period and what the seven seals mean.

Chapters 8 - 11:  The Seven Trumpets

The wonder and awesomeness of the book of Revelation unfolds as we continue on with the study of the Tribulation Period; Let us now go through the Seven Trumpets. Stay tuned as this part of the book of Revelations comes alive with special sound effects.

Chapter 12

The Book of Revelation is a facinating book filled with symbolism. At the end of the first half of the tribulation period two symbol (signs appear in the heavens, what do they mean and what is the real world application?

Chapter 13:  Satanic Trinity

As the imitator of everything that is holy; Satan will set up a satanic trinity at the time of the Tribulation. Listen in as Buffy covers this and the mark of The beast. (Revelation 13)

Chapter 14 - 16:  The Seven Vials

Continuing with the study of the Book of Revelation and the Tribulation Period, Buffy takes you through the Wrath of God and His Judgment as we look at the pouring of the Seven Vials.

Chapter 17:  Mystery Babylon

Continuing in the book of Revelations; Buffy takes you through the 17th chapter to MYSTERY BABYLON. What is the meaning of this woman sitting on the beast drinking from a cup the blood of the saints. Listen in and find out.

Chapter 18:  Babylon The City

We continue with our study on the book of Revelation with chapter 18 and the conclusion of the study of Babylon. Stay tuned as we explore this incredible city.

Chapter 19: End of the Tribulation Period

Finishing up the Tribulation Period with the Battle of Armagedon we explore the 19th Chapter of Revelation.

Chapter 20: The Blessed Hope

Continuing on with our study of the book of Revelation, we explore Chapter 20 and find out what happens to Satan. Will he be returned to earth? Stay tuned to find out.

Chapter 21: A New Heaven and Earth

Continuing with our study in Revelation, we explore the 21st chapter. How large is the New Jerusalem? What happens to the earth? Will it explode? Stay tuned as all these and other questions are answered.

Chapter 22: The End, The True Beginning

Listen in as we explore Revelation Chapter 22, the end which holds the true beginning. What a glorious hope our future holds!